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A California resident for twenty years, a recent reorganization by Sandi’s former employer made her realize it was time to pursue her longtime dream of working with animals.

All during her life, Sandi has managed to find animals to take care of, whether it be horses which needed exercising, dogs to be walked, “baby” sitting for people during vacations and illness.
She not only bred toy poodles upon her arrival in California, but also Tennessee Walking Horses, having brought her beloved stallion, Sir Ebony Chance, with her when she and her two young children moved here from Tennessee.  She left quite a few of his offspring in Tennessee, and his only “daughter” brought forth a “granddaughter” in early June of 2005.  She was thrilled to get the news and pictures.
A strong ARF supporter, several adopted poodles have been in residence at the family home over the last few years, current poodle being Smokey.  Sonny, a cat who was found abandoned, and who thinks he’s a poodle, also lives at the house!
Sadly, her beautiful, black stallion died in February, 2005, at the ripe old age of 27; happily, his last colt, Ebony’s Grand Chance, was on the way and is now in the process of being trained.  A similar bond to that which existed between Sandi and Sir Ebony Chance has formed between the two.
Her two grandchildren are very much involved with all her animals; they love to walk Smokey, as well as go to the stable whenever they can to give the colt carrots.

Sandi’s goal is to build a state-of-the-art dog kennel and be able to offer canine interactive day-care, feline boarding, as well as pet-sitting in her clients’ own homes if they prefer.
Phone: (925) 686-9099 Fax: (925) 687-9695 email: dogkissescamp@sbcglobal.net Bonded and Insured