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Q.   How do I get started with services?
A. A meeting to get acquainted with you and your pets will be scheduled after your initial contact with Dog Kisses Camp personnel.        
This meeting will provide the chance for you to learn more about the services offered, and set your expectations and needs.  If you decide to move forward with our services, an informational questionnaire will be completed with full details on the needs of your pets, feed time, veterinary and emergency information, dates Dog Kisses Camp will need to be in attendance, and a key will be provided to us to allow us entry to expedite services during your absence.
Q. What does the initial visit cost?
A. There is no fee for this service.  It is a chance to get to know one another.
Q. Are you licensed?
A. Yes, we are a fully licensed business, as well as members of Pet Sitters International.
Q. What happens if I require services on an emergency basis?
A. We will do our best to accommodate you at short notice.  Naturally, a longer notice period provides us a better likelihood of being able to schedule services for you.  There is no additional cost for emergency service, provided there is a 24-hour notice given.
Q. What species of animals do you care for?
A. We provide services mostly for dogs, cats and horses.  We will feed other critters, such as birds, gerbils, rabbits, fish, et cetera, as needed.
Q. Would you be able to administer medication to my dog?
A. Yes, medications can be administered per the regular schedule for your canine, including IM injections.  We do not administer IV injections.
Q. How long do you spend with my pets?
A. The basic service includes a 30-minute visit which will incorporate feeding, providing fresh water, play time, scooping up poop, bringing in any mail/packages/newspapers that have been left, and plant watering.
Q. What are the benefits of using pet-sitting services vs. asking a neighbour to take care of my pets?
A. How wonderful it would be if we all had such terrific neighbours who would be happy to take care of our beloved critters for us during our absence.  Using our qualified pet sitters, your pets are scheduled into a daily routine that matches their norm, they are fed according to their schedule, they are provided play time, and picked up after.  Would you feel comfortable asking a neighbour to change their routine to accommodate your pet(s)?
Q. Do you work on holidays?
A. We will provide services on the major holidays with 30 days’ advance notice, and a $25.00 nonrefundable booking fee.  These holidays include Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  The sessions will be shorter in order for us to spend time with our families.
Q. How do I pay for your services?
A. We currently accept cheques or money orders made payable to Dog Kisses Camp.  Under extenuating circumstances, cash will be accepted, though is not the preferred method of payment.
Q. Do I need to provide a copy of my pet’s vaccines?
A. Yes, all pets must be current with their vaccinations in case of an accidental bite or scratch during play time.
Q. In what locations do you provide services?
A. We are able to nurture your pets in the Walnut Creek, Concord, Clayton, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, Alamo, Danville and Martinez areas.  
Phone: (925) 686-9099 Fax: (925) 687-9695 email: dogkissescamp@sbcglobal.net Bonded and Insured